Testing Laboratory

|| Testing Laboratory

Delkon Textiles specializes in providing accurate and clear testing services. Our staff members are committed to achieving the organizational objective. During testing and analysis, we adhere to both national and international standards. Our organization is run by a group of skilled specialists with support in the area of testing devices and equipment. They are aware of what our valued client need in order to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction.

|| Testing apparatus and equipments:

  •  GSM CUTTER (IS : 7016 Part 1)
  •  Tensile testing machine as per (IS :7016 Part 2)
  •  Vertical Flammability Tester (UIC 564-2 OR)
  •  Crock Meter (IS : 1259)
  •  Limiting Oxygen Index (IS : 13501)
  •  Smoke Density (UIC 564-2 OR)
  •  Toxicity Test Chamber ( NCD 1409)
  •  Cone Calorimeter (ISO 5660-1/20002
  •  Muffle Furnance
  •  Hot Air Oven
  •  Humidity Chamber
  •  Rubber Apparatus Tester (UIC 845 R)
  •  Rubber Hardness Tester (Shore A)
  •  Rubber Flexibility Testing Apparatus (UIC 845 R)
  • Laundrometer