Moulded Rubber Item

||Vestibule for Railway Coaches

We are manufacturing train vestibule for Indian railways as per specification RDSO/2007/CG 05 REV.01. Our Product has been approved by ICF chennai.

|| Rubber Gas Kits

Rubber gaskets of any size and form can be made by us using any kind of rubber. We will be pleased to provide you with a quotation whether you are looking for a standard part or something more unique. Just give us a call or send us your drawing. Inform us the application and the conditions of operation so that we can decide what kind of rubber gas kit you need.

|| Rubber to Metal Bonded Items

A rubber is molded and chemically bonded to a clean metal surface using a specific adhesive to create rubber-to-metal bonded assemblies. Rubber items are utilized in a wide variety of engineering applications, the majority of which involve combining them with metal or fabric as support.